Time taken to answer each page



We need to capture total time visit of every page separately and in the end of survey we need to capture total time of every page.

Below are some challenges details to implement this:

  • We have survey with multiple pages approximately 10-15.
  • We have Back on every page except first page of survey.
  • We have unique link survey means responded can leave survey any time and also can start any time.
  • If respondent close the window and start after 2 hour then 2 hour will not add in time visit. Only time spending to page will add.
  • We don’t want to use jquery but if not possible without jquery then we can use.


We can create an open text list question as [hidden] and can save timestamp values for each page in that hidden question. Every-time we move to new page, start time counter from 0 second.

At the end of the survey, you can easily calculate how much time is taken to complete the entire survey.