Mouse tracking to capture time taken by respondent on a page



Is it possible to obtain data on how much time the respondent took before answering any particular question.

The idea is to check whether they directly go to the preferred option or hover over other options as well etc.


We can use jquery to capture time when the page loads and we can stop timer once the respondent answers the question.


How to stop the timer if respondent made the first click on any answer option. Any particular function or code which can stop the timer?


You can start the time the counter on mouse-over event And stop it on mouse-out. That way it will store the time for each answer option.

You can “setinterval” function for timer increment. You can declare it as a variable and then use clearinterval to stop it.


You can find the coordinate of any specific area on the image or page, once done just try to capture the coordinate of each click on image. If coordinate of first click fall under specified area then punch data in a hidden variable.