Change address bar url



I am creating an online dashboard at the end of the survey. The requirement is, once I land on dashboard page the address bar url should be change.


Why do you need to change the url? I mean, you can disable the back button using jquery.


Actually the url contains some parameter values. Also, I want to change the url, so that respondent could not go back or copy the link for later use.


Once, I have tried the same thing on a online chart page in survey.

Use below script in javascript tab

function ChangeUrl(page, url) {
        if (typeof (history.pushState) != ""undefined"") {
            var obj = { Page: page, Url: url };
            history.pushState(obj, obj.Page, obj.Url);
        } else {
            alert(""Browser does not support HTML5."");

ChangeUrl('aspx', 'dashboard');